Ambulances arrive at Planned Parenthood Twice !

From: Operation Rescue

Orange, CA – On September 16, 2009, pro-life sidewalk counselors observed and photographed an ambulance responding to a medical emergency at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, located at 700 Tustin Dr. in Orange, California. Ten days later a different group of pro-life supporters observed and photographed another emergency transport by ambulance from that same abortion clinic.


Two ambulances in ten days shows that there is something terribly wrong going on inside that abortion clinic,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Abortion clinics only call ambulances when there are very serious medical emergencies. When ambulances start showing up with this kind of frequency, it is time for the authorities to start investigating. This clinic is not safe and women should be warned.”

During both incidents, sidewalk counselors reported that a Planned Parenthood security person came out of the clinic and began to photograph the pro-lifers in an attempt to intimidate them.


Operation Rescue is protecting the identities of the witnesses because of intimidation tactics and threats they received from clinic security on several occasions.

During the September 16 incident, an ambulance and fire truck arrived at the Planned Parenthood office at approximately 11:00 AM. They loaded a woman on a gurney into the ambulance and sped away.

Ten days later, another ambulance arrived at approximately 11:10 AM, leaving about ten minutes later bearing a Planned Parenthood patient to a nearby hospital.

During that incident on September 26, sidewalk counselors report observing abortionist David M. Speiser arriving at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in his Lexis automobile with both the front and back license plates covered with paper.

It is unknown what abortionist was on duty on during the September 16 incident, but sidewalk counselors have identified Merle Robboy and Jonathan Dunn as abortionists who frequent that facility.

It is our opinion that abortionists Speiser, Robboy, and Dunn each should be investigated for potentially illegal practices and violations of the standard of care,” said Newman. “These women could have died for all we know. We’ve seen it happen before. Someone in authority should care enough about them to look into this. We will be working with local pro-life activists to investigate further and will report any wrong-doing we discover to the appropriate authorities.


After I read this Press Release, I got to thinking- Where I have seen this Planned Parenthood before? Then I realized it was shown in the film: Maafa21, which details the Elitist Plan to exterminate Blacks from America from abortion and Black Genocide:


3 Responses to “Ambulances arrive at Planned Parenthood Twice !”

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  2. WOW!! Thanks for sharing this… Speiser delivered 3 of my children. I had no idea he was a PP abortionist. No wonder while in delivery he kept pushing for me to have my tubes tied. Love being a mom to my large family!! And I take care of them all without any government assistance. I was googling his name to find out more info about him since he left the office I’m at and I stumbled upon your blog. I can now cross him off my list. Thanks again for sharing this.

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