Pro-Life Black Pastors Oppose President Obama’s Healthcare Plan in response to endorsement by Pastor

Pro-Life Black Pastors Oppose President Obama’s Healthcare Plan ‘Outraged’ by Church of God In Christ Bishop Blake’s Endorsement of Obama Healthcare

WASHINGTON, Sept. 28 /Christian Newswire/ — The following statement is in response to the recent public endorsement of President Barack Obama’s healthcare plan by Bishops from the “Church of God in Christ,” led by Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr.

This statement is made by Black ministers and pastors actively involved in the Pro-life Movement, including the chair of the National Black Pro Life Congress, the national director of L.E.A.R.N Inc. (Life Education and Resource Network), and the executive director of the Network of Politically Active Christians. They pastor congregations in California, Texas, North Carolina, Michigan and Washington, D.C.

The Black Pro-life Movement is outraged by the recent endorsement of this administration’s health care proposal by some clergy of the Church of God in Christ.

As God-fearing individuals we encourage COGIC leaders to read and evaluate the President’s plan, including the Capps-Waxman Amendment, rather than merely parroting his words. If unborn children cannot depend on the Church to carefully examine this bill to see if their lives will be protected from state- funded genocide, on whom can they depend?

Such an endorsement does not consider the devastating impact abortion is having in the black community. Over 1,400 black babies each day are lynched out of their mothers’ wombs. Clearly, this rate of prenatal murder in our community outpaces death by heart disease, diabetes, cancer, HIV/AIDS and violent crime combined.

We find it troubling that this endorsement does not acknowledge the deliberate targeting of the black community by Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, nor decry the mental and physiological impact abortion is having on black women across America.

We recommend in the strongest terms possible that this endorsement be withdrawn until such time that the Obama administration adds language to the health care proposal that specifically prohibits taxpayer funded abortions.


Pastor Stephen E. Broden
Fair Park Bible Fellowship
Dallas, Texas

Pastor Dion Evans
Chosen Vessels Christian Church
Alameda, CA


Reverend Walter B. Hoye
Issues4Life Foundation
Union City, CA

Reverend Dean Nelson
Executive Director
Network of Politically Active Christians
801 K St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20001

dr. johnny hunter

Dr. Johnny Hunter D.D.
L.E.A.R.N Inc. (Life Education and Resource Network)
Fayetteville, North Carolina


Dr. Levon R. Yuille, .D.D
Chair: National Black Pro Life Congress
Host : Joshua’s Trail Talk Show (WDTK)
Member of The Michigan Advisory Committee
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Black pro-life leaders inform and educate during Congressional Black Caucus week

Washington, DC – On the heels of a successful Define the Dream: America’s Health Care Agenda crusade during the Congressional Black Caucus week of events, Prolife African American Leaders are now seeking to engage the COGIC (Church of God in Christ) in positive dialogue regarding COGIC’s endorsement of President Obama’s Health Care Bill.

Dr. Johnny Hunter of LEARN has released an open letter to COGIC urging caution for their endorsement of President Obama’s health care bill.

Some of the leaders, organized by Pastor Stephen Broden of Fairpark Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, have also issued statements regarding pressing concerns over COGIC’s endorsement, which does not include strong pro-life sanctions, even though many of the COGOC leaders say that they are pro-life.

The Pro-life African American Leaders are working to get the informative genocide expose, Maafa21 into the hands of COGIC and other church leaders across the country as part of their national education campaign. As the campaign continues, the leaders urge people to see Maafa21 and share the film with members of their communities.


“We hope to engage COGIC and other church leaders in meaningful, informative dialogue as the health care debate continues,” said Dr. Alveda King of Priests for Life, who is working with Rev. Arnold Culbreath of Protecting Black Life to contact leaders of COGIC.


11 Responses to “Pro-Life Black Pastors Oppose President Obama’s Healthcare Plan in response to endorsement by Pastor”

  1. Pastor John Says:

    these pro-life black pastors are the same uncle tom republicans that gave us george bush, two wars, and a devastated economy, and no measurable decline in abortion. they have no credibility. im a cogic pastor and any uncle tom attempts to engage cogic so you can score brown nose points with republican racist leaders will be met with unity among cogic and calling out you house negroes for who you are…

    • Dear Pastor John:

      I didn’t see your September 30th reply to my September 30th letter to you until just today (May 10th).

      I only have a couple of things to add to my previous letter and to your reply. 1) What does “cogic” mean?

      2) The ecomony may have been faltering under GB, but it wasn’t “devastated” until BHO got hold of it.

      3) You evidently ignored all the history I cited in my previous letter to you. Democrats, not Republicans, are the enemies of Black people. They want

      • my last post got cut off mid-sentence. What I was trying to say way – Republicans want EVERYONE to succeed.

        The plans Democrats implement to “spread the wealth” only succeed in shrinking the wealth. By “punishing the rich” they cause employment opportunities to shrink. When GB was POTUS. unemployment got down to less than 5%. Now, it’s hovering around 10%, and, is much higher for youths and blacks. That’s because Democrats pay no attention to the laws of economics, which are just as inexorable as the law of gravity.

        You may have blamed Bush for letting the “rich get richer,” but, in doing that, he also allowed the poor to get richer, because jobs were plentiful. It is, after all, the rich who employ people. The poor don’t have the funds available to employ anyone.

        Money is worth nothing if you can’t buy anything with it. The rich need help for work they can’t do themseves. That’s why they hire people. Moreover, when the rich are doing well and hiring people, the tax coffers grow, because more people are paying taxes. Punish the rich; everyone gets hurt. All you need to do is look around your congregation and see how many more members were working during the administration of GB than are working now.

        P. S. GB didn’t “start” wars; terrorists did. You might think he shouldn’t have gone after Saddam Hussein, and you’d have a lot of company on that score, but, when he DID, EVERYONE thought SH had weapons of mass destruction, including the senators and congressmen who voted in favor of that war.

  2. Pastor John: You need a history lesson. Republicans are not the ones who are the racists. Republicans nominated Abraham Lincoln for president in 1860. The Republican Party was formed because the Whigs wouldn’t take a stand on slavery. The Civil War began shortly after Abraham Lincoln was elected president, because the South rebelled against his presidency because he was the most anti-slavery candidate of all who ran that year.

    It is difficult to obtain information regarding the history of the 13th Amendment. My guess is because certain people don’t want that history known. Apparently Abraham Lincoln was instrumental in getting it on the books. Likewise, Republicans got the 14th Amendment on the books.

    It was the so-called “Radical Republicans” who proposed giving former slaves “40 Acres and a Mule.” That proposition was voted down by the “centrist” Republicans combined with the DEMOCRATS, which coalition also voted to end Reconstruction. The end of Reconstruction was the beginning of “Jim Crow.”

    The KKK was an arm of the Democratic Party. The KKK saw to it that Republicans were not elected to office in the South. That lasted into the latter decades of the 20th Century. Remember hearing about the “Solid South?” The “solidity” was Democratic Party rule, held together via the KKK.

    The first two Civil Rights laws passed following Reconstruction were passed during Eisenhower’s term. The majority of Congressional Republicans voted for them; the majority of Congressional Democrats voted against them. Eisenhower signed both of them into law. Eisenhower also proposed further Civil Rights legislation, but John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Fulbright all voted against it. The Civil Rights legislation which was passed during the Johnson administration was proposed during the Eisenhower administration. Evidently Johnson, Kennedy, and Fulbright were more concerned with Democrats getting credit for such legislation than they were with getting it on the books in a timely manner. It could have been passed during the Eisenhower administration, but then, Eisenhower would have gotten the credit. (They couldn’t have that!)

    The “War on Poverty” that Johnson waged, and which is being waged till this day has done irreparable harm to “the black family.” Before that legislation was passed, most black families were intact. Since then, only a small percentage are. Look at the plight of young black boys and men (if they grow up to become men) since then! Many more in prison and the grave than in college! It didn’t have to be that way!

    Now we have the “Roe v Wade” and “Doe v Boulton” decisions amending the Constitution via judicial fiat rather than the proper constitutional method. The result: blacks are no longer the largest minority group in the U. S. They have fallen to second place. Why? Largely because of abortion. Lynchings in the U. S. killed fewer than 4,000 people, as horrible as they were. Now, more black babies than that are aborted via horrific methods of abortion every month (every week?) than the number of people lynched in all of the years of lynchings. The estimates range from 13,000,000 to 17,000,000 black babies aborted here in America since 1973. Republicans (at least the conservative ones) are trying to stop this carnage. It has been in our platform for years! Democrats, on the other hand, are trying to get taxpayers to pay for it!!!

    You are siding with your enemy, and apparently don’t even realize it. Take another look!!!

  3. Catherine Davis Says:

    How sad for Pastor John that he has no idea who Uncle Tom was or seemingly what the impact of abortion is on the black community. We need more Uncle Tom’s not less, because he did not betray his people to the evil Simon Legree. Today, on the other hand, too many of our leaders and pastors are willing to sell out their people for their own political of financial gain.

    I am sure if Bishop Blake and even Pastor John knew of the extermination plans for the black community by the pro abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood, they would no longer look at the work of black pro life leaders as brown nosing to the Republican agenda. I am sure if they understood that abortion and population control are being used as instruments to control the births of “those we don’t want too many of” as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, they would be loath to support any agenda of the pro abortion community, even if it is one being promoted by our first black president.

    At least I pray that is the case. Because if we continue to blindly support a political agenda it will not be too long from now that there will be no black people to worry about. We will have been aborted/population controlled out of existence.

  4. Hey Pastor John:

    By your definition, blacks who do not sound the warning about black genocide through abortion are the real Uncle Tom sambo sellouts. Which category do you fit in?

    Also, by calling them names without giving any facts related to the subject is very lame.

    I can say that under Obama we still have two wars, a even more devasted economy, and no decline in abortion because Obama and his Democratic posse are abortion cheerleaders.

    Your comment has no substance at all.

    By the way, I did not vote for the Bushes at all.

  5. This is not about a party. It’s about the killing of our people.

  6. I agree with you to an extent.

    However, one party has as a large part of its constituency organizations that promote abortion in the name of “choice” (the only choice they seem to favor is abortion), and receives a lot of “blood money” from abortionists.

    The other party has had as a platform plank the reversing of the Roe v Wade and Doe v Boulton decisions for years! (The effect of that would not necessarily make all abortions illegal; it would put the decision regarding aboritions back into the hands of the states where it was before the U. S. Supreme Court usurped their authority in this matter.)

    Prior to Roe V Wade, etc., there were far fewer abortions in this country than there are today. With fewer abortions, more black babies would survive the womb.

    Elections DO have consequences!

  7. Please preview our book “Between the Rhetoric and Reality” Lauriat Press; Simpkins&Simpkins,2009. The book discusses the insidious affects that abortion is having within the Black community. ” Between the Rhetoric and Reality” can be previewed on “Amazon.Com & Borders”.

  8. The problem with this country is BOTH the Democrats and Republicans. Anyone who seriously thinks that one side isn’t corrupt or slaves to Corporate America hasn’t done an adequate job of paying attention. To the Republicans: The GW administration will go down in History as one of the worst administrations. They eroded your constitutional rights, expanded the power of the wealthy elite, invaded countries under false pretenses, destroyed diplomatic relations with the rest of the world, and spent money like it was going out of style. To the Democrats: Obama is a dud. He promised much and has turned out to be another corporate lackey. He made deals with big pharma to ensure you could not get your medication cheaper elsewhere, he flip flopped on military tribunals, he refuses to fix health care properly through nationalization or single payer, he populates his inner circle with more Wall Street insiders, he spends money on bailouts and useless stimulus packages.

  9. Florida auto dealer: You have made some valid points. I would like to point out, however, that George Bush did succeed in keeping the country attack-free after the surprise attack of 2/11/2001. Some may blame that event on him, but I believe that the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Bill Clinton and the people in his administration who built a “wall” between the FBI and the CIA so they couldn’t “connect the dots.” In the back of my mind, it seems Obama rebuilt that wall. Did he?

    A lot of Republican candidates have proven to be disappointments after being elected. The people vote for candidates they expect to follow the platform – after all, they’re carrying the “banner,” but then they abandon their constituency. That’s what the tea parties have been about – getting politicians who will abide by the vows they take on the Bible when taking office and Republican politicians who will abide by the party platform.

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