Another allegation of sexual assault at one of America’s safe/legal abortion clinics

REPORT: From San Diego’s News 10

Local Abortion Clinic’s Troubled History Raises Questions
Allegations Of Molestation, Negligence Haunt Chula Vista Clinic
POSTED: 6:04 pm PDT September 25, 2009

CHULA VISTA, Calif. — A family member expressed outrage Friday over the punishment handed down for two local health care workers, 10News reported.
Longtime Chula Vista resident Maria Hart said everyone knows where to go when they need to get an abortion.

Hart took her cousin to a local clinic when they were younger.

She came out crying; she came out in tears, back then we were young,” said Hart.

Hart and her cousin were afraid to tell anyone. Hart said her cousin was fondled and sexually molested during her abortion.

We kind of just went there and trusted the doctors and that they would treat us correctly, and they didn’t,” said Hart.

The doctor her cousin visited, Bertha Bugarin, was sentenced to seven years in state prison for posing as a doctor and performing illegal abortions.

A court recently sentenced her accomplices, Luz Catalina-Gomez and Paloma Rodriguez, to three years probation.

I don’t think it’s right that they’re just still walking around, free to go,” said Hart.

A new clinic has recently opened up under the name Woman’s Choice Family Planning Clinic, and it is being run by Dr. Andrew Rutland. Sources told 10News that Rutland has had problems in the past and is on probation.

Rutland was accused by the State Medical Board of negligently treating ten patients, including two infants who died. He surrendered his license, but applied for reinstatement five years later.

The medical board granted his request in 2007, and Rutland was placed on five years probation and must now practice under the supervision of another doctor.
How can you say that this particular clinic is continuing Bugarin’s efforts?” asked 10News’ Charisse Yu.

“The doctor who is presently here has connections with one of the doctors who used to work for Bugarin who lost his license because of malpractice suits,” said pro-life advocate Luis Mendoza.

Hart said she can only hope history won’t repeat itself at a clinic that left many women with emotional and physical scars.

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