Glenn Beck, Pastor Stephen Broden, and Maafa21

Pastor Stephen Broden was just on the Glenn Beck program on Fox news and mentioned Maafa21. Here is the trailer, for Maafa21. I hope Glenn Back and Fox News covers this film in a huge way !

Maafa21 trailer:

For additional info on Holdren and other Eugenic promoters, look at this website !

3 Responses to “Glenn Beck, Pastor Stephen Broden, and Maafa21”

  1. Great post! Thanks!

  2. Thank you Pastor Broden for being a courageous man of God!

  3. […] by Life Dynamics in Denton, Texas, Maafa 21 has been discussed on the Glenn Beck show, CBN Christian Broadcasting Network, Living in Black Radio, Faith to Action, BlogTalk Radio, The […]

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