Reparations, slavery, and eugenics

African American Leaders call for Reparations to Erase Past Evils of Slavery and Race Based Genocide

Entertainment Desk
July 15, 2009

In a new film, MAAFA21 ( by Mark Crutcher, several African American leaders calling for reparations appear to discuss the current situation of Black genocide, linking today´s existing patterns of race selection and population control to the days of slavery in America. The film highlights modern day funders of eugenics, linking them to companies that financed efforts to reduce or eliminate the Negro population at the time slavery was ending in America.

Today, many Black leaders are adding their voices to their predecessors who decried abortion, forced sterilization, and mandated birth control in the late sixties and early seventies. These same leaders are calling on population control magnates to use their billions to end eugenics and genocidal practices that are being promoted globally today in the 21st century.

Reparations should start with organizations like the Rockefeller Foundation, Proctor and Gamble, Planned Parenthood, The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and all of the entities that are capitalizing on genocide and eugenics in the world today. This includes those who are investing billions in population control programs. Even those in high ranking positions in government should not be exempt, including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who recently made a revealing admission in favor of cleansing America of unwanted populations by aborting them,” said spokespersons for a growing number of voices in favor of reparations.

Yes, we´re talking about dollars and cents, but we are also talking about healing,” say spokespersons Pastor Stephen Broden of Dallas, Texas, Dr. Johnny Hunter, National Director of LEARN, and Pastor Luke Robinson of Frederick, MD.

Who needs to write the check? Those who fund the genocide – not the taxpayers! Not long ago, many of us got rebate checks in the mail, followed by the promises of a stimulus package. We can all see how little good that did for the economy,” say the leaders.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once spoke of a check marked insufficient funds,” says his niece, Dr. Alveda King. “America is once again facing spiritual and moral bankruptcy, even in the face of the looming economic crisis.”

MAAFA21 reveals and evaluates the effects of eugenics and genocide on Black American families and communities, uncovering and unveiling those forces that drive the destruction of targeted ethnic groups.

Herein, the concept of reparations is important and timely. It´s important, obviously, because of the grave evil that slavery was and that genocide is today. Just as slavery led to a succession of more evils, today genocide leads to the decimation of the African American community. Fully one-fourth of the black population of the United States has gone missing because genocide takes their lives before they can enjoy liberty or pursue happiness. It is time to restore the personhood of all people, regardless of skin color or gestational age. This means that we have to repent for all forms of racism, including skin color and gestational age. Slavery and womb lynching have a lot in common. They are destroyers of life and dignity.

In America, slavery and racism were followed by Jim Crow laws, segregation, and lynching. Subsequent solutions such as the crippling welfare system, forced sterilization, mandated birth control methods and abortions are bandages on wounds that still need to be healed.

We must also remember that the linchpin of slavery is the emasculation of the Black man. By taking away his God ordained headship of marriage and family, a serious blow is struck to human society as a whole. Our men must be restored!

We, the undersigned Black pastors and leaders take up the mantle to pray for and guide our communities in the process of breaking the bonds of oppression, even as our forefathers did before us.

Oppression is a double-edged sword, enslaving the victim while binding the oppressor. In order to maintain the system from which he benefits materially, the oppressor has to believe and bankroll a lie. Then, to maintain his belief that he is somehow inherently superior, he has to fabricate more and more lies every time the truth of what he´s doing sears his conscience. The oppressed die physically, the oppressors die spiritually.

We must repent for going against the truth that all people are created from one blood (Acts 17:26). Then we must repair the broken and abused. This way, The Beloved Community of Dr. King can emerge. We urge all people no matter your economic or ethnic estate, to embrace the call for reparations. Contact your elected officials, and those in the economic strata and call for reparations for America´s genocide. Tomorrow depends on it.


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