Whale Wars and Liberal Hypocrisy

I have recently watched Animal Planet’s program: Whale Wars , and was surprised that there has been no reaction to the show by all these so-called “non-violent” liberals among us.

The show is filmed on board the Sea Shepard, led by a Captain Paul Watson who was an early member of Greenpeace. Watson admitted on one show that he believed that Greenpeace only raised money to “save whales” but he intended to actually stop the killing. The Sea Shepherd travels the ocean waters looking for Japanese Whaling Fleets , and once located they attack the fleets often with stink bombs and other devises meant to, “shut the killing factories down.” According to Greenpeace, a 2008 article in the New Yorker reported that Watson claimed that the Sea Shepherd had sunk ten ships since its founding.

So, we have environmentalists actually filming their acts of Vandalism to Property and possibly people, then broadcasting their “deeds” weekly on Cable and Satellite TV. To my knowledge, the show has not been criticized by those who claim that calling something “murder” can lead to the violence of those who actually do the “murder”. Meanwhile, in the wake of the shooting of abortionist, George Tiller, the news media is doing flip flops attempting to label all “non-Violent Speech” by pro-lifers as “Inciting murder and Violence“.

I am confused here? Does the liberal left believe in non-violence or not? Why do they attack free speech on the right but are silent at best and even condone the acts of violence and terrorism on the left? Is saving whales more important than saving human life?

I believe in free speech and the constitutional right to protest and speak out…but if these screaming pro-abortion – whale loving radicals have their way, they will silence pro-life people and in the process hurt their own precious causes as well. Perhaps the most dangerous speech, is not that which truthfully calls abortion the taking of a human life, but speech which, instead, silences opposition and by doing so, places freedom for all at risk .

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