Good for the Goose? New Law Discriminates Against Pro-Lifers

A New York City law that will go into effect in July could make it easier for pro-life protesters to be arrested outside abortion clinics. Current law allows authorities to make arrests only if the person directly affected, such as a woman entering a clinic, is willing to press charges. However, the new law would allow third parties, such as clinic workers, to press charges if they witnessed the activity.

This is a very dangerous and ridiculous law. It leaves the decision in the hands of the very business making a profit off the abortions. What do you think they will do with all that power?

I wonder if the State of New York would also allow pro-lifers who witness women suffering from post abortion injuries to “press charges” against clinics? Suppose the New York State Medical Board allowed “third parties” to file complaints and never interviewed the person injured.

Perhaps the State of New York could save money by allowing all those who “Witness” a speeding car on the highway to issue a ticket to the offender.

The entire premise of this law is absurd and is meant to discriminate against the free speech rights of pro-lifers. I only hope and pray that if a false accusation occurs, those other pro-lifers who witness the accusation by the pro-abort will file charges as well.

I guess if we can dismantle the rights of all human beings to “Life” as granted in our Constitution, we can also chop out the right a person has to “face his accuser”. Just goes to show you the unlevel playing ground the pro-abortion mindset has.

One Response to “Good for the Goose? New Law Discriminates Against Pro-Lifers”

  1. Iowa Choicer Says:

    Whaaaa, Whaaaa, Whaaaa, cry me a river. You and all of your friends should be arrested for trying to interfere with the rights of others. Get off your high horse and worry about your own life. Maybe I should follow you around and protest the restaurants that feed you or the stores that sell you clothes.

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