George Tiller Media Craze

Ever since the shooting of the notorious abortionist George Tiller last Sunday, the media has been going crazy with accusations of blame against all pro-life people. Saying that the “Rhetoric” and calling abortion “murder of babies in the womb” , created the “climate for violence” is ridiculous. But, Okay, if they want to play this game…how come the media refuses to show America what Dr. Tiller did?

Let’s put this whole incident to rest and for that matter let’s put the entire abortion question to rest and finally show on national TV the images of aborted babies. Let the people decide for themselves.

Why should we continue to engage a media who refuses to show the truth of abortion?

Even Fox News is taking attacks by the left because O’Reilly called the late-term abortionist – “Tiller the Killer” – Come on Bill, STOP THE SPIN and show the pictures. Where is your courage and conviction to truth???
What happened to “We report – you decide“?

A Picture is worth a thousand words !

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