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He Took My Place

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He Took My Place

My Heart sank to my feet
As the Verdict rang out loud
Sweat dripped from my face
As I fearfully bowed!
It seemed as though – it pleased the judge
To sentence me to die
For he didn’t hesitate to drag me from my knees
As I fell down to cry !
My minutes…seemed liked hours
As I walked down the road
To the punishment that awaited me
Because of the wickedness I’d sowed !
And I knew , I deserved what was coming
But…it didn’t calm my fear
It seemed there was no way to escape
As the crowd rolled in to jeer!
Each step, I was forced to go
Only carried me closer to my fate
They whipped and pushed me on and on
But…the worst part…was the wait!
My body shook with fear
As I reached the top of the hill
Begging God to answer me
Why this was HIS will !
Then…reaching my destination
I fell down to the ground
Expecting screams to come from the crowd
But…I didn’t hear a sound!
So…from my thick walls of tears
I managed to lift my head
To see MY NAME on the cross
That soon would hold me – DEAD!
But, looking even further up…
Something very strange appeared….
There was someone else hanging
On the cross I so dreadfully feared !
It was a man…He was beaten…
He was Torn… and half dead !
He had nails in His hands and Feet
And a crown of thorns in His head!
He managed to speak these words to me
As He struggled for each breadth of air:
“I took the place…here…FOR YOU
Because my Father and I care !”
I cried out, “BUT WHY? I am so unworthy
To receive such love and grace
I’ve been convicted…I am guilty, so…
Why did you take MY place?”
“I chose this pain, I chose this death, ” He said,
“I chose to hang up on this tree
So that you could live with me forever
You see, my child, I’ve chosen thee !”
As I looked up with gratitude,
He willingly gave up the Ghost
Then, I knew that this man who died for me
Was the ONE who loved me the most !
Through His death, I’ve been forgiven
Through His love, I’m forever free
For I’ve been ransomed from sin and death
By Jesus – the man who took my place for me !
My Father’s Will

Lord, when they nailed up your hands
Did you feel great pain?
And on that hot day, as you carried your tree
Did you cry out for rain?
And when they whipped and beat you
How come you kept so still?
“All these things I have done…
Because it was my Father’s will!”
Lord, when they pressed your head with thorns
How hard did you cry?
And when your Father turned His back on you
How loud did you scream out, “WHY?”
And when you could have called the angels
How come you just died on that hill?
“All these things I have done…
Because it was my Father’s will!”
Lord, you reached down and saved me
How come you just didn’t let me fall?
And Lord, even though I still sin
How come you still hear my call?
And Lord, how come you sent your Spirit
So, my heart you might fill?
“All these things I have done…
Because it was my Father’s will!”
Then the cock crew

I was ready to fight for Jesus
I would have fought till the end!
When they came for Him in the garden
Denied by the kiss of a friend !
I even drew my sword
And struck a soldiers ear
But Jesus reached down and made it whole
And walked on – without fear !
But… I was NO coward !
No…I was not the quitting sort !
I was thinking of another strategy
As they drug Him to the court !
But, when they shut the last door
The realization, then began
Of what they might do to Jesus
And anyone else who followed this man !
Oh…I trembled as I thought
Of all that could take place
And feared that I might be recognized
So, I tried to hide my face !
But, there were three people around me
Who could see through my shame.
“Weren’t you a follower of Jesus?”
Asked one of the fair young dames.
But…I shook my head
Angered at the thought…
That they would think I was a follower
Of the man the Pharisees sought !
And as though, they were uncertain
I was asked twice again
If I knew the Great Messiah
And maybe was His friend?
So then…I jumped up in a rage…
And cursed with one last shout !
” No! I do not know this man
I know nothing of what you are talking about !”
Then… I turned…and there stood Jesus
Saddened because He knew
That I had denied Him sorrowfully
And then…The cock crew !
Now…I am not so sure I would have fought
And I am not sure I would have died
For how could I give up my life
When I so readily denied?
But Jesus ! He never quit…
He stayed faithful to the end !
For Jesus had to die for my sins
To redeem me once again !
Now…the cock may crow a lot
And courage, I may lack…
But if I turn back to Jesus,
He’ll be waiting to take me back !
Jesus took My Place

Oh, where was I when Jesus died
To help Him bear His load?
I remember seeing the whole thing happen
From some spot on the road!
When I realized that Jesus was taking my place
And His scars were meant for me !
And that I should be the one
To Die on Calvary !
I saw the humiliation He experienced
As they spat upon His face…
O! I can’t believe He actually knew
He’d be taking MY PLACE !
And when I think of the pain, in that crown of thorns
As they drug it through His skull !
It makes my heart just want to break
And my tears begin to roll !
Then, I watched Him struggle through the crowds
As He dragged that heavy cross
And to think- He did that for me
So I would never feel loss !
Oh..where was I to help him
As He fell beneath the weight?
To think, I could have lent a hand
As He took on Him – MY FATE !
But, when He reached the top of the hill
And I saw them push Him from behind
Oh…why were they so cruel
To this man He’d be so kind?
I can still see the agony on His face
As the spikes cut through each bone
To think that I could have beared that burden
Instead of Him and Him alone !
But …He chose to die in the midst of hate
And He chose to die in place of me
But..where was I in the crowd that day
As He chose to hang up on that tree?
The day after His death, a neighbor said he saw me
And that I was closest to Jesus’ side
Because…he said… I was giving out the orders
For Him to be crucified !
Oh, how these words made my heart grieve
As I dwelt upon that day…
For now my memory was returning
of where I was in the crowd that day !
But somehow, all I could think about was Jesus
and the words which He did say.
As I stood there at the foot of the cross
There, in the crowd that day !
I saw Him struggle through his last breadth of air
As He turned His face up toward the sun
And He cried, “Father…please forgive them…
For they know not what they’ve done !”