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Tiller Trial is Over

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For those of you who have followed the trial of late term abortionist George Tiller in Wichita, it is with sad news that I report that he has been found not guilty. Let us keep in mind that even though a jury found that he did not break the law with regard to his late term abortions, he DOES DO LATE TERM ABORTIONS.

So often, we hear that abortion is only for “hard cases” and must remain legal. Those who choose to remain ignorant stay in disbelief that abortion is being used to snuff the life out of babies who can survive outside the womb.

If we as a society continue to accept the slaughter of babies in our country, we may wake up one day to discover that we are the next victims of a violent and blood thirsty society which we created by our silence !

Tiller now stands among others whose hands are covered in blood but who walk out of a court room as so-called innocent. But there is justice and one day Tiller will give an account, not to a jury of humans, but to a Judge who sees all and who knows all. If he does not repent before then, I already know what the verdict will be ! GUILTY !

Lord have mercy on our nation!

Be safe, believe in God

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I have listened to the debate regarding the teaching of intelligent design alongside of evolution in the schools. I find it very interesting how so many supporters of evolution claim that it is absolute science and therefore should not be challenged in any way, shape or form.

Those who support the theory of evolution, in their bigotry, not only refuse to allow the idea that life began with a creator to be taught, but they also refuse to allow classroom discussions of the fact that many people believe in a creator. At the same time, they continue to push evolution as absolute — to the extent that they ignore its obvious holes.

The theory that we evolved from chance alone, with no pre-designed purpose, value or future, produces a culture of death — one that says people should live by their own lusts and wants in total disregard of others. In other words, its followers accept the idea: “If we are only here by chance, then live and let live for tomorrow we die.”

I once asked someone: “If I try to live for God, looking to him for my lifestyle, morality and my charity, what have I lost if I die and discover there is no God?” On the other hand, if I subscribe to the theory of evolution and don’t believe there’s a God to answer to, I would lose everything if I died and discovered that God was real.

Judgement and Tragedy

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After sending out this story: Montana Plane Crash – Victims included abortion clinic owner , to some of my friends, I have received a variation of responses which have prompted me to write this blog.

Pro-lifers, in their attempt to humanize unborn babies, sometimes fail to see the human side of those who execute them.

I am not excusing this flaw- but -neither am I excusing the flaw that many Christians have-  in that- they do not humanize unborn children. I stand in the middle and I can see both perspectives. I can see how so many people feel grief for this family , how they can relate to a father loosing his children and grandchildren and how they might be offended by the story I referred to above. It is perfectly understandable to be offended at anyone who tries to make this about abortion, when a family stands in so much grief. One can relate to their misery, if only one places themselves in their shoes.  I to, even though I am not a parent, could not comprehend what it would be like to loose so many loved ones in one day ! Utter grief, no doubt.

The girl who wrote the original story is young – and she has dedicated her life as a young person to ending the abortion holocaust. Perhaps you think she is a bit jaded. That may be true, and for many of us on the front lines of the abortion holocaust , it may seem that we all are. But why? Because, there are perhaps so few who feel what we feel for the innocent unborn babies,  that we get tunnel vision. Can anyone image what it is like to hear people cry and talk about general news stories where “Children Die” and express empathy, outrage, and grief and say “How could anyone do that to a child?” – When we know first hand that it is done in silence every day, every hour, to millions of unborn children? The unborn are excluded from our daily world, our daily prayers, and our daily conversations. Yet, if a gun man walked into a nursery and massacred all the babies, we’d all be “outraged” and we’d all call for him to face the death penalty. No one would cry one tear for the gunman. Are we really being consistent?

Now, I know that God expects more of His people. I know we are called to bring His love to every situation. But, what is love? Is it allowing millions of babies to be slaughtered in this nation and time and again being afraid to say anything or do anything?

I wasn’t going to comment about this- because I didn’t think it would benefit the cause of the unborn for me to risk coming across “unkind or unloving”. But, this morning I heard an interview on The Today Show

( Grieving Father Defends Pilot) and I cannot help how I am feeling right now after hearing it.

The interview was with the Father of the Pullen family who was also on board that plane. He said he was getting through the tragedy of loosing his son , daughter-in-law, and grandchildren with the help of the Lord. He expressed that he was a Christian, and I could see he was genuine. But- what began to bother me was when He began to express what wonderful people the survivng Feldkamps were. I want to assume that , as a Christian man, he had no idea that Mr. Feldkamp owned 17 (Hear me 17) abortion clinics!

So…as everyone moves in and expresses their grief for this tragedy – they also tell the world that Mr. Felkamp is wonderful, giving, kind, and loving. Perhaps you will think me a monster when I say this…but I do not see a loving, kind, giving person. I do see a sinner, and I know that God can redeem anyone, but until he repents – he is the comrad of 17 death camps.

Irving Feldkamp is the owner of the abortion chain in California called,  Family Planning Associates Medical Group. They do abortions at all 17 locations and they advertise doing them to the 21st week of pregnancy. The former owner of that chain of clinics is Dr. Edward Allred…Perhaps they met each other at a race track- since Allred and Feldkamp both own race tracks in California. In any event, Allred was a notorious abortionist whose practice of abortion received much publicity. Allred was quoted as saying that there were to many Black People and Mexicans on welfare and that was his motivation for opening so many abortion mills. The Pullens ( Christians I assume) were Feldkamp’s friends. Perhaps the Pullens had no idea the abortion investment that their friend had. Perhaps the Pullens were “witnessing” to the Feldkamps. These are all plausible explanations. We can have no idea what they knew or if they knew how this man made some of his money.

Call me jaded as well, but, I see so many Christians who, when you tell them there is an abortion mill next door their their church, or that the store they support gives big bucks to Planned Parenthood, or that the movie they go to is full of stars who support abortion, or that the doctor they use does abortions , or the candidate they want to vote for will remove all protections for innocent children,  they look at you like you are the devil for pointing this out to them !

As this story unfolds, perhaps all are innocent, and we are being to judging. But- the lesson I take away from all of this is that when you play with fire or when you allow fire to smolder and do nothing- you or those you love will soon get burned.

It is with much grief in my heart for these families that I write this. I am expressing my personal opinions about this story in light of the holocaust I choose to face every day. I do not turn my head away because I cannot look – I look because if I do not- I will NEVER fully understand the magnitude of what is happening in this nation. All life is precious and God has made that abundantly clear to me. I would never wish harm on anyone or their families. But, since this discussion is out there, I wanted to be honest about it.

If you are reading this blog and think I am judgmental, I ask you to view the movie: “The boy in the striped pajamas”?

It is out on DVD and I highly recommend it.  To me , this story resembles that movie. What I see is a tragedy on all levels: For the Feldkamps as parents and grandparents, for the children and the others on board that plane, and yes, for the unborn children that will continue to be slaughtered with very very few “offended” by that.

I am just being honest, flaws and all.